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Hello there!

Jade Le Illustration

My name's Jade. I'm an illustrator from Vietnam living on the sunny island of Singapore. I specialize in Children's Picture Book Illustration, Surface Design, and Lettering, often using bold and vibrant colors to evoke joy and happiness.

Since 2020, I have collaborated with several self-publishing authors, preschools, and brands, bringing their stories to life through vivid and colorful illustrations. From whimsical characters to enchanting landscapes, I use my creativity and imagination to illustrate stories that inspire and educate children. 

My services also include commission art and art licensing. Whether you're looking for custom artwork, illustrations for packaging, or products, I can help bring your idea to life. Take a look at my portfolio and see if my style suits your project.

Let's connect on Instagram where I update regularly my art and work-in-progress pieces!


Ready to create something remarkable?


I'm happy to collaborate on projects of any scale. Reach out to me via email at to share your idea with me. Can't wait to hear from you!

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